Sample Issue of Resume Writers Digest
Resume Writers' Digest is a trade newsletter for professional resume writers. We focus on providing information about news and trends in the careers field, as well as advice on marketing and promoting your resume writing services.

In each issue, freelance contributors provide cutting-edge insights and techniques about resume writing combined with concise, timely information culled from a review of select careers periodicals.

One popular feature is the Resume Writers' Digest Annual Industry Survey. We survey hundreds of resume writers around the world to evaluate the current state of business for the profession, assessing where they work (home office, business office, or both); if writers are certified; professional association affiliations; and which months provide the most business. In addition, we compile pricing data, including services offered, hourly fees, number of resumes written each week, and the "average" amount of a resume sale (and what that sale included). Finally, we ask what is their least favorite part of being a resume writer, to identify future trends and challenges.

Resume Writers' Digest also offers two columnists to provide marketing and public relations guidance. Joan Stewart, known as "The Publicity Hound" provides advice on getting free media coverage for your services. Robert Middleton, of Action Plan Marketing, focuses on marketing your professional resume writing services. The columns are alternated in each issue.

Many issues also feature a "Resume Writer's University" section, sponsored by Career Directors International. Articles in this section focus on techniques to improve your resume writing skills, and are applicable for beginners as well as veteran resume writers.

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